Abby - Northchurch Road

I am a single parent and carer of two young children (9 &11), one with a diagnosis of Autism, ADHD and other co-existing conditions. We have no other family or support network near Islington.

We consequently rely heavily on using our car. We cannot travel via bike or foot due to my daughter's poor road awareness, unpredictability and the pain it can cause to her hypermobile joints.

We thought we were lucky to live in a borough that worked hard to prioritise SEND children's wellbeing despite lack of funding. However, with PFS/LTNs we are now at the point of social isolation.

My daughter's primary areas of concern include social and communication. We need to encourage her to attend social groups and events. It is now taking us twice as long, or more, to get to these destinations. The change in routine and routes causes our daughter so much anxiety and emotional stress that she is now reluctant to travel at all.

As much as I understand the need to have a cleaner and quieter borough, I feel LTN's have been rushed through far too quickly and without consideration for, or consultation with, families affected by disability.

We are now financially reliant on Islington Council to pay for her to travel to and from school via mini cabs, as recent congestion means I am unable to make it back on time to drop or collect her younger sibling from another school which is also on a School Friendly Road.

This solution is far from ideal. My daughter recently decided to leave the cab mid-journey due to her frustration with traffic and sensory overload. Fortunately the situation did not have a tragic end .. this time.

The impact of having LTNs is not just an inconvenience, as some may think, it affects my emotional, physical and financial wellbeing. It is putting pressure on my employment and I am starting to wonder whether I can continue in my career path or have to give up work and become totally reliant upon the State.

As a Blue Badge holder for my daughter I would really appreciate if we could at least have the right to pass through ANPR filters without being prosecuted. Our lives are difficult enough without our Borough making them massively worse.