LBI Residents

United against the cruel road closures

We are a group of Islington Residents who have united against the cruel road closures being implemented in the borough of Islington by Islington Council.

These have been implemented under Emergency Traffic Orders.  These orders negate the need for a full public consultation and gives the Council the temporary power to implement these schemes with minimal input from residents who are impacted by their introduction.

To date there are 7 Low Traffic Neighbourhood [LTN] schemes implemented in the borough of Islington.  

Each scheme has introduced barriers, in the form of bollards, planters and cameras on key roads to stop all motorised traffic [cars, motorbikes, vans] from passing.  Cameras are installed to snap the number plates of any offenders.  Offenders are issued with a Penalty Charge Notice [PCN].  This has resulted in residents needing to take circutious routes to drive to their homes to avoiding these filters. Creating unnecessary journeys on already busy main roads, leads to congestion and pollution.  The impact is greatest on our most vulnerable neighbours who depend on cars either for their own essential trave and social engagement, or for receiving important visits from carers, family and friends.  They have also impacted the emergency services’ access within these zones increasing health and security risks to residents.

Click on the scheme below to open the PDF describing the closures:

Full details of these schems can be obtained from Islington Councils Web Page: People Friendly Streets

From 11 January 2021 - 2 new schemes implemented in Highbury:

Our new email campaign To highlight the Council's discriminatory behaviour and draw attention to the hardships their cruel policies are inflicting upon our vulnerable neighbours, we are launching our "Have a Heart ❤"campaign!

Starting this week with "Susan's Story" from St Peter's Ward, our aim is to focus on the testimony of real people whose daily lives have been devastated by the introduction of a specific LTN.

The intention is to publish the testimony, then email the story to the ward councillors, Watts, & Champion with copies to the public realm, followed by sharing with Thornberry, Corbyn the Islington Conservative party, and Grant Shapps ... then the media..

Email Campaign's

Over the past weeks we have been actively emailing all the Islington councillors with the aim to solicit their personal views on the implementation of the Low Traffic Neighbourhoods.  We started at the beginning of October and send 'reminders' on a weekly basis.  The third reminder prompted an interesting response from councillor Klute.  You can read this by clicking on the buttons below:

You can find our range of letter templates from the button below: