Alyson - Infection Control Nurse

I have a rare genetic condition called Ehlers Danlos syndrome, a connective tissue disorder, which can affect my ability to walk or stand for long periods without fatigue and/or pain. I have 3 children who are also genetically affected.

I used to be able to drive my 6-year-old son to school at Our Lady and St Josephs, a short walk for the able-bodied. That allowed him to save his limited energy to have fun with his friends during the day.

Since the Council's cruel road closures, he can't do that, he now cries in pain as his little legs, knees and hips struggle to keep him upright. ALL of his joints dislocate : jaw, neck, fingers, wrists. Fatigue is now affecting his learning.

My 21-year-old struggles daily, and recently needed hospitalisation when her hips partially dislocated. I couldn't drive her to hospital as the main roads were all jammed. I had to watch her agony for 4 hours before an ambulance came.

I can't get to my elderly father as he lives in Legard road, which is now closed for access. I can't drive to pick him up at the nearest point. He can't walk far, and relies on me to do his heavy shopping loads.

I live on the border of Hackney/Islington therefore I am hit by road closures from every side. Increased congestion on main roads means that I can often no longer drive, as longer journey times exponentially increase my pain.

My specialist skills as an infection control nurse are rare, yet the whims of Islington and Hackney Councils mean that I shall probably have to leave my home and relocate to a kinder borough, or possibly even city.

Why won't Councillors Watts and Champion listen to the damage they are doing to people's lives ? They just don't seem interested in the real affects of their actions. Saying "we'll consult after 18 months" may sound democratic, but surely democracy shouldn't involve the oppression of vulnerable minorities like us ?