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Subject: Concerns with the implementation of LTNs in Islington

Dear Mr Shapps,

I live in the London Borough of Islington and have done so for 20 years. I would like to raise serious concerns about how LTN's have been implemented by the LBI.

Further to obtaining feedback from the head of the Council, Richard Watts, as a result of raising these concerns, it is clear that there has not been a good use of funding. The schemes have been rushed through without appropriate consultation of the needs of the local community. They are biased towards the needs of the cyclist and do not consider the needs of the most vulnerable groups who are dependent upon motorised transport. Plus there is evidence that local businesses and emergency services have not been appropriately consulted. In addition the aims to reduce congestion and pollution appear to be bundled in as an afterthought.

In order to hasten the implementation of these schemes, it is advised that the 'Mini-Holland model' is being followed as it was 'successful' in Waltham Forest. This has not been adapted to accommodate the unique location and demographic features of an inner-city Borough such as Islington.

I am very concerned that the approach to consultation which was based upon random comments posted on the commonplace platform, will continue. This platform is not fit for purpose as a consultation tool and there appears to be no other mechanism put in place to listen to residents concerns and needs.

From the LTNs implemented, a number of unfortunate consequences have manifest from the poor designs, which have resulted with the following dis-benefits across the borough of Islington:

  • Unrequired cycle lanes in Liverpool Road and York Way, which have resulted with dangers to pedestrians, cyclists and motorists due to poor design. Plus, the waste of funding from removing recently installed electricity charging points and parking bays.

  • Emergency services having issues gaining access through the 'closed streets'.

  • Necessary journeys taking longer and diverted onto already congested boundary roads causing more gridlock and pollution.

  • Discrimination against the vulnerable by making it more difficult to move around their localities and to get in and out of their designated 'neighbourhoods' or 'cells'.

  • In some areas they are simply not required as the streets are already leafy and quiet, and have built in playground areas.

I am really concerned that by ignoring these real issues raised by local residents, the dis-benefits will only worsen as we approach the winter months and this will have a disproportionate effect on those most in need.

It will be very much appreciated if the intent by LBI to continue to implement these ill thought through schemes can be investigated as a matter of priority with a view to revise, reverse or stop further schemes.

Yours sincerely

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