Canonbury East LTN - OBJECTION

FOCUS ON Canonbury East LTN
The 10 road closed to motorists are:

Physical traffic filters with bollards: 

  • Henshall Street, 
  • Cleveland Road, 
  • Halliford Street and 
  • Shepperton Road.

Traffic filters to be enforced by cameras 

  • Ockendon Road, 
  • Englefield Road, 
  • Northchurch Road and 
  • Elmore Street.

Traffic filters enforced by cameras whilst allowing access for bus services 

  • Dove Road and 
  • Downham Road.

Have you got evidence that due to the implementation of one or more of the above measures has resulted with more danger for motorists and being less safe and friendly for people?

If so please ensure that this is fed back to the local ward councillors, plus Champion and Watts with a copy to the Public Realm.   

To ensure that feedback is provided in accordance to their requests you may use the following templates adapted with your specific concerns.

Please feel free to copy to a letter and post to:

Public Realm, 1 Cottage Road, London, N7 8TP.  



Subject: Objections to Canonbury East LTN being made permanent

Dear Councillors  Jeapes, Wolfe, Wayne, Champion & Watts,

I want to register a formal objection to making the Canonbury East LTN permanent. I live in XXXXX road near to the [xxxxxx road closure[s]] and in the past 5 months since it has been implemented I have [observed / experienced ] the following concerns which have resulted with our streets becoming less safe and less friendly for both motorists and pedestrians.

[Please adapt this list with examples of your own concerns:

  • Vehicles making unexpected u-turns [frequency will help] making roads unsafe.
  • Streets empty of traffic providing opportunities for crime and antisocial behaviours
  • Increase in street crime - examples??
  • Increase in antisocial behaviours - examples ??
  • LBF ?
  • LAS ?
  • MPS ?
  • Increased journey times [daily / weekly] by how much?

Many/some of these unexpected outcomes occuring from the temporary implementation of the LTN in our streets, appear to contravene the Metropolitan Police's Modern Crime Prevention Strategy, March 2016. This states that 'there is conclusive evidence that crime increases when there are more opportunities to offend and falls when the number is reduced'. 

 As you can see from my concerns the introduction of these measures appears to have created more opportunities for crime in the LTN area. All of these outcomes do not accord with the councils objectives of the PFS schemes: "improvements to the borough's streets will ensure that they are friendly to all users - especially children, young people, older people, people with impaired mobility, people with disabilities and poor health".

From these observations/experiences the roads in this LTN have become more dangerous and less friendly for pedestrians and the addional journey times via the main roads have resulted in more congestion and pollution.

Whether or not the barriers remain, I feel very strongly that vulnerable people, primarily blue badge and Freedom Pass holders, should be exempted from enforcement and allowed to pass through the ANPR cameras. What may be an "unnecessary journey" for an able-bodied young person is often an essential journey for those who cannot travel on foot or cycle for any distance.

To this end I request that this LTN is not made permanent and the design is revisited to ensure that the roads remain safe and friendly for all residents 

Yours sincerely