Streetspace / Bishopsgate verdict

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You can send an email objecting to these schemes to the Head of Islington's Council - Mr Richard Watts.

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Dear Councillor Watts

I am writing to express my opposition to the road closure schemes implemented by Islington Council under Low Traffic Neighbourhood programmes.

These schemes have been poorly-planned and poorly-executed.

The effect of the schemes on the lives of the elderly and disabled has been hugely underestimated. People's lives are being seriously damaged on a daily basis, but the Council is not listening. Trotting out propaganda like "only 30% of Islington households have a car" massively underestimates the number of people relying on cars, whether their own or those of carers, family or friends. Cynically suggesting that the "only 30%" should be subjected to a hostile environment ignores the fact that Islington's very low rate of car ownership probably suggests that its car owners are more than usually reliant upon cars. I was not aware that Labour policy encourages oppression of vulnerable minorities.

The creation of LTNs has pushed traffic onto main roads which were already close to capacity. This has led to gridlock and increased pollution as journey distances and times have been extended by the forced requirement to use overloaded routes.

The Council's repeated assertions that such inconveniences are "minor" or "slightly longer" do not reflect reality.

The Council closes its eyes and declares that everything is fine, while carers and emergency services are telling residents that the closures are making it much more difficult to do their jobs. Taxi drivers are increasingly refusing to attend homes in LTNs due to access problems.

The whole concept of LTNs in Islington reflects 2019 thinking. Covid has changed and will change people's attitudes to work, home and travel. We are headed for a major economic recession, including a large rise in unemployment. We need to look forwards and anticipate the future, not roll out experimental solutions to problems which may no longer exist.

At a time when the Borough should be pulling together, Islington Council has ignited a bitter culture war. They have set young against old, able against elderly and disabled, nimbys in leafy streets against disadvantaged people living on or near main roads.

All over London these schemes are being abandoned as the residents oppose them vehemently. Islington is no different.

Please end these cruel, discriminatory and destructive schemes now.

Yours sincerely


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