Highbury Fields and Highbury West - New Schemes !

Two new LTNs are being implemented now with the aim for them to be ready to use by 11 January 2021.  Islington Council have produced a couple of surveys to collect feedback.  

Have your say now! Click on the buttons below to be taken to the appropriate survey:

Feedback to LBI & Comment on Commonplace

Islington Residents - GET YOUR VOICE HEARD

Islington Council are using the Commonplace platform to gather 'feedback' on their cruel road closures.

The language on the platform is one-sided 'leading the witness' to support them, they obviously think their supporters will be more digitally engaged than those opposing them.


Click on the button to be taken to the website.  You may need to sign-in and or register before your comments can be saved.

There has been an recent influx of support for PFS, LTNs especially around the Mildmay area.

- WARNING - When you make your comment you must answer 'NO' to the question 'would you support these changes being made long term?'

You are not being asked to make your own suggestions/ideas permanent - it is the items that you are commenting on !!!!

Yes its weird logic, but it is weighted to gain support for these measures.  You can also agree other comments that are against the road closures.