Report an Incident - Liverpool Road Cycle Lane

The Liverpool Road cycle lane is one of a number of cycle lanes that are, or will be, inside of a row of parking spaces. As a result this could impede your ability to open your car doors to leave your vehicle, unload goods whilst legally parked, unload infants and older children as well as making it very difficult to unload somebody who may be disabled.

There have already been a number of reports of cyclists becoming abusive because they have been forced to slow down or stop as people alight or unload a vehicle.  

Do NOT engage with these people, if possible video their behaviour and 


Make an online report to the police for threatening behaviour by the cyclist, obviously explaining the circumstances.  Click the button below:

They won't investigate but it will be logged, this will include the road this happened on.If they start to get a stream of similar complaints in the same area then it could force the council ro take some form of action.