Streetspace/Bishopsgate verdict !

Following on from the verdict delivered by London's High Court, an oportunity has been identified to raise this outcome with Islington's Council as an argument to stop and reverse the LTNs and cycleways.  You may use this template below to write to Richard Watts and Rowena Champion.

Please remember to copy to the Public Realm.




Subject: Streetspace / Bishopsgate verdict

Dear Ms Champion and Mr Watts,

I'm sure you have seen the High Court verdict on the above case, ruling that local authority actions were illegal on a number of bases.

This clearly brings into question the legality of the LTN, Liverpool Road and other schemes that Islington Council has been rolling out recently. As public funds are involved, presumably you will now pause the rollout of any further LTNs, as that may well involve further substantial expenditure on illegal projects ? 

In addition, a High Court ruling that such projects may be illegal may well open the Borough of Islington up to civil litigation from anyone who can demonstrate that they have suffered losses. 

Stopping further rollouts and reversing existing ones would protect the borough from this risk. I presume the Council will be acting responsibly in respect of these expenditures and risks, and not ploughing on regardless ?