Susan - Wharf Road

I am a former NHS nurse.

I was forced to give up the profession I loved by :

1) chronic osteoarthritis, which means I cannot walk far without pain, cannot ride a bike, cannot carry heavy shipping

2) severe Anxiety Disorder, which means I suffer panic attacks on public transport or if stuck in traffic.

I have a Motability car and recently moved into a flat adapted for the disabled. I thought that this would be a new start to a better quality of life.

That flat is is Wharf Road. 

The cruel road closures introduced by the Council have turned my street into a forgotten cul-de-sac off the Hell of City Road.  My GP is in St Peter's Street, which I could have previously driven to in moments, the practice is now completely inaccessible to me. I am trapped and isolated in my own home, what should have been a new life has become a living nightmare.

The whole of the St Peter's LTN scheme only involves four barriers, according to the PFS website - so surely the Council could have made those barriers camera-operated and exempted the elderly, disabled plus all residents of Wharf Road from any prosecution ?

The same applies in reverse, elderly and disabled residents of St Peter's are now blocked from City Road and would have to drive a long way in congested, polluting traffic to get to (say) Moorfields. 

Those without cars would have to pay taxi fares two or three times higher than previously.

This scheme discriminates against the elderly and disabled. More careful planning could have acknowledged and accommodated the needs of vulnerable people.

We have been ignored. Wrecking our lives is, I assume, regarded by the Council as mere collateral damage. "